99 Blocks is a site all about Lego! Here at 99 Blocks we love Lego for a lot of reasons: it can be enjoyed by all ages, it fosters creativity and problem solving, you can make amazing stuff like this, they have fun video games, Legoland is awesome, and the Lego Movie was one of the funniest we’ve seen this year!

Lego started with humble beginninngs back in 1949: the brainchild of Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. The company’s name comes from the Danish phrase ‘leg goldt’, which translates to ‘play well‘. He actually based his original ‘automatic binding bricks’ (that’s not as catchy as Lego, eh?) on the British-made Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks. At the time it was thought that plastic children’s toys would never replace the traditional wooden ones, but Ole Kirk demanded high standards for quality in his company’s product so they became an exception to the rule.

The modern Lego brick design was developed in 1958, although it took 5 more years to find the right material to produce it. The minifigure wasn’t introduced for another 20 years, it was first released in 1978. Nowadays Lego is most popularly sold in sets with themes like pirates, space, castle, town and city, and wild west. There are no military-themed sets because Ole Kirk Christiansen did not want to make light of war and imply that it was child’s play. Recently the company has teamed up with companies like Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, Disney, and Marvel to release sets based on popular franchises such as Star Wars, Batman, Avengers, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. The Lego bricks are all based on a universal system though, so the pieces produced in 1958 will interlock with your modern sets.

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